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Biko’s founder & CEO, Timeka Drew, is a medical cannabis patient and is extremely passionate about the plant that she credits for saving her life. As an operating social equity licensee, she stays close to the manufacturing process, ensuring only top-quality products (suitable for medical patients like her) are created at the manufacturing facility where Biko is made in downtown Los Angeles.

Timeka believes in everyone’s unique ability to, “light the spark that leads the way,” - one of the ways she works to embody Biko’s tagline is by supporting equity in the industry as an organizer, mentor, advocate and coach. She comes to cannabis after working for years grassroots organizing against systemic racism, economic injustice, voter suppression and for climate democracy.

Biko is a family owned and operated company. The brand celebrates how cannabis helps bring together people and cultures - Biko means please in the Igbo language, celebrating Founder and CEO Timeka Drew’s Nigerian heritage. The name of Biko’s preroll -- “Juseyo'' means "give me please" in Korean, honoring Timeka’s partner & Biko COO Jake Gildea’s heritage.


Cannabis as a tool to drive social change


"BIKO is a celebration of the time-honored tradition of cannabis; the ritual, the mystery and the beauty behind the plant.  


The brand is also a vehicle for underrepresented excellence to thrive - our goal is to build lasting partnerships with other social equity entrepreneurs, supporting a sustainable network powered by mutual respect and solidarity.

I feel it is a great honor and a privilege to take up space in this industry as a black woman - I walk in the footsteps of many amazing and resilient black women entrepreneurs before me."

-- Timeka Drew

Join Timeka and the BIKO team on our journey to bring quality cannabis products to our community!


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