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Biko's founder and CEO Timeka Drew was awarded one of the 200 Phase 3 Round 1 social equity retail storefront licenses in Los Angeles and is currently working to operationalize the business in her community plan area of Southeast Los Angeles where she lived and raised her children for 13 years. 


She is an active member of the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign and is the Co-Coordinator of the Green Party of Los Angeles County Council. She has dedicated her life to grassroots organizing against systemic racism, economic injustice and for climate democracy. 


Timeka began her journey in the cannabis industry over a decade ago as a medical patient and activist, managing a doctor patient referral service and placing the first advertisements for medical cannabis recommendations in LA independent newspapers like the LA Weekly and City Beat. 


Cannabis as a tool to drive social change


"BIKO is a celebration of the time-honored tradition of cannabis; the ritual, the mystery and the beauty behind the plant.  


The brand is also a vehicle for underrepresented excellence to thrive - our goal is to build lasting partnerships with other social equity entrepreneurs, supporting a sustainable network powered by mutual respect and solidarity.

I feel it is a great honor and a privilege to take up space in this industry as a black woman - I walk in the footsteps of many amazing and resilient black women entrepreneurs before me."

-- Timeka Drew

Join Timeka and the BIKO team on our journey to bring quality cannabis products to our community!