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creators circle

The "creators circle" is BIKO's initiative to fund artists and content creators to do projects that spark passion and light up audiences.
We are creating a network.  This network is for the following purposes:
  1. Provide resources to artists who have the time and interest in working with us to produce the content that THEY want to produce for their audiences.
  2. Provide a space for artists to collaborate with other artists in our network.
  3. Provide stunning, emotive, and pertinent content as we build our brand and team.
Are you interested in working with us?
First, we have a few rules:
  1. Artwork must be your own and you must credit all collaborators.
  2. We honor inclusivity above all else, so we will give special priority to marginalized and underrepresented voices.
  3. If we are unable to fund your project this month, please don't give up -- talk to us!  We may have access to other resources and means to help you get your project completed!
  4. Participants must be 21+ in age and all work depicting cannabis consumption must be compliant and safe.  For any questions regarding compliance, contact us!
  5. Have fun, find beauty, honor your truth!
As creators join our circle, we will connect them with other circle members and promote their work.  If you want to join our circle, but wish to remain anonymous, please make a note of that in your application.
Set . . . 
Apply here.


our artist community flourishes together, celebrating diversity and changing the cannabis scene



music and poetry are the lifeblood of creators circle.